You can follow these links to external sites related to our project's research and team as well as our most recent Open Access publications.




Listed here are some recent academic publications from our team. More details can be found at the Leiden University website, linked above.

Van Aerde, M.E.J.J., 2018. ‘Revisiting Taxila: A new approach to the Greco-Buddhist archaeological record’, in: Ancient West & East (AWE) Vol. 17: 203-230.

Van Aerde, M.E.J.J. 2019. ‘Routes beyond Gandhara: Buddhist Rock Carvings in the Context of the Early Silk Roads’, in: L.E. Yang & H. R. Bork & X. Fang & S. Mischke (eds.), Socio-environmental dynamics along the historic Silk Road. Past Global Changes (PAGES) & Springer Open, 455-480.

Van Aerde, M.E.J.J. & D. Zampierin, 2020. ‘A lot of pepper and a little garum: an archaeological comparison of the Roman presence at Berenike and Arikamedu,’ in: Journal of Ancient West & East (AWE) Vol. 19.

Van Aerde, M.E.J.J. & A. D. L. Mohns & A. G. Khan, 2020. ‘Buddha on the Rocks, Gandharan
Connections through the Karakorum Mountains’, in: W. Rienjang & P. Stewart (eds.) The Global Connections of Gandharan Art, Proceedings of the Third International Workshop of the Gandhara Connections Project, University of Oxford, 18th-19th March 2019. Archaeopress, Oxford, 105-134.